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Expiry is an elegantly designed app with simplicity and ease of use in mind. It keeps track of all items in your life that has an expiry date, whether it be food, cleaning products, cosmetics, tickets, vouchers, subscriptions, memberships, medicine, vitamins, and so on, the list simply goes on…

With Expiry, your products will be used before they reach their dates!


  • iCloud compatible (Sync and store your data).
  • Sync your data to your other devices running Expiry.
  • Supports ability to customise categories.
  • Slick and easy to use interface.
  • Supports quick and easy auto-adding of items.
  • Automatically determines the remaining days left before the item expires.
  • Ability to sort the expiry products by expiry date or by category as well.
  • Ability to set reminders using notifications so item before they expire.
  • Alternative calendar view if you don’t like lists.
  • Track optional details such as date purchased, quantity, notes, category or set a reminder.
  • Tracks your used items and the remaining days left before you used them.
  • Search feature to make it easier to find your items in your list.

iCloud Compatible
Have the option to store your data on iCloud. You can even sync your data to your other devices running Expiry for Mac and iOS!

Customise Categories
Its obvious that not everyone is the same, so why should your categories be what others have. Customise the categories to suit your needs and use!

Quick & Easy Auto-Adding Ability
Has the ability to support quick and easy adding of items.

Ability to Sort Items
The ability to sort items not only by the expiry date, but with the option of sorting via categories as well (an optional setting).

Alert & Reminders
You can choose between a list of alert intervals for each item before they expire so you will be reminded via notifications. Option to show the reminders set for each item.

Keeps Track of Used Items
When you are done with the item, simply check it off one by one and observe how close they were to expire. It automatically calculates the remaining days that you had left before you used the item.


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