Capture 365 Journal

Capture 365 Journal is a beautiful and easy to use diary/journal. You will have complete access to your journals all the time, allowing you capture your thoughts and special moments throughout the day.

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  • Sync with iCloud, Dropbox or 365 Direct Sync.
  • Sync with Capture 365 Journal iOS
  • Location Support.
  • Multiple photos and videos.
  • Add multiple journal entries each day
  • Multiple journal tags per entry.
  • Automatically import events and social media posts* to your journals.
  • Passcode protection.
  • Automated backups.
  • Export your journals as email, PDF or RTF by dates and tags.
  • Custom font style and sizing.
  • Search and view your journals by tags and locations.
  • Reminders.
  • Supports right to left writing direction.
  • Rich text support.

Sync Support
Sync and store your data on cloud services such as iCloud or Dropbox. Alternatively, sync using 365 Direct Sync. 365 Direct Sync will transmit directly to your other devices over your local network.

Keep your journals in sync – no matter if you’re on the Mac, iPad or iPhone.

Multiple Photos and Videos
Attach multiple photos and videos to each of your journal entries.

Add a location to your journal entry, so you will always remember where the event took place.

Feed Support
Automatically import Calendar events and posts from Twitter*, Flickr* and Instagram* into your journal.

*feature requires in-app purchase

Export journals – filtered by date and tags – as a beautifully generated PDF or RTF document, which can be emailed out.

Automated system that handles the data backups for you, which can be stored on iCloud.

Requires: OS X 10.10 or above